Product Photography for

On Friday I tried my hand at some product photography for

Flatties produce Vinyl and Urban Toys/Art and have been working on a project called ‘Codename Babushka,’ where they have, with several well known artists, created a series of interesting matryoshka dolls which are for sale on their website. Here’s some of the highlights:

[slickr-flickr tag=”cbf” items=”12″ photos_per_row=”4″ size=”large”]
I used a daylight simulation lamp from the left side of a light tent and filled in with a flash bounced on the ceiling from the right hand side.

Lessons learnt: check your sensor is clean first by taking a long exposure at a small aperture on a neutral background. Annoyingly, I had lots of spots on the clean white backdrop which I had to remove in Photoshop. I think this was from my beach/desert honeymoon 😉

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