USA 2013 – Nevada

After a busy first week of the holiday we had a chance to relax, let our hair down and have some fun in Vegas.

DCWM_EOS 5D Mark II_100_6837

It was great to spend time there, a highlight being seeing Elton John, but the real treats were outside of the city. With the shutdown still in force, we couldn’t go to the Grand Canyon as we originally planned but still drove out to the Hoover Dam, where we enjoyed the views and took the tour.

DCWM_EOS 5D Mark II_100_6809

We also decided to trek out to Valley of Fire State Park.

DCWM_EOS 5D Mark II_100_6893

The sandstone formations and blue sky combined for a memorable trip.

DCWM_EOS 5D Mark II_100_6899
DCWM_EOS 5D Mark II_100_6951

The area is famous for petroglyphs; ancient art/symbols created by Native Americans

DCWM_EOS 5D Mark II_100_6946

Here’s a non-native enjoying the scenery

DCWM_EOS 5D Mark II_100_6975-Edit

The formations were presumably created through a mixture of water and wind erosion over the millennia. This has carved out beautiful swirling patterns and loops on many of the rocks.

DCWM_EOS 5D Mark II_100_6965

I would highly recommend a visit – it is a gem which we would have missed had it not been for the national park closures. The drive was enjoyable and very scenic too.

DCWM_EOS 5D Mark II_100_6985

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