Street Photography & Lomography in Amsterdam

Recently I surprised my wife on her birthday by taking her to Amsterdam for 3 nights with a couple we know well.

We had a great time but, unfortunately, the weather was pretty grim for most of the week which didn’t lend itself to getting pretty pictures of the canals.

Instead I decided to just concentrate on shooting interesting things on the street, particularly at night time, and also with a 20mm Diana Fish Eye lens mounted on my 5Dmkii which we found in a Lomography shop in the city.

The Diana Lens+ when mounted on a Canon camera is fixed at around f11 which meant I really had to ramp the ISO up, which in itself helped to enhance the creative feel of it all. Using bulb exposures and flash fired from a point and shoot camera also produced some interesting effects.

I did some limited post processing on the lomo shots, just messing with split toning to give an ‘old,’ look but they are otherwise relatively untouched.

Hope you like some of them! (personally I like the old style Citroen!)

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