New Born Photography in Kent

On New Year’s Eve, we welcomed the newest member of my family into the world and last week I managed to get down to Kent to take a few photos.

DCWM_EOS 5D Mark II_100_8217

It was a challenging shoot, because Lois was so excited by all the people around and new faces that she only settled once the entire day. Consequently it became a bit of a family, as opposed to newborn, shoot!

DCWM_EOS 5D Mark II_100_8244

Whilst she was being settled it gave us some time to take some photos of her older, cheeky monkey, sister.

DCWM_EOS 5D Mark II_100_8265

And mess around with Dad too!
DCWM_EOS 5D Mark II_100_8288-Edit

For a brief period, Lois settled down and started to doze.

DCWM_EOS 5D Mark II_100_8301

And then fall asleep – allowing me to take a couple of cute photos.

DCWM_EOS 5D Mark II_100_8313

My thumb made a brief appearance for scale:

DCWM_EOS 5D Mark II_100_8320

And a very content father posed for a few photos too.

DCWM_EOS 5D Mark II_100_8321

And I managed to convince my sister to join in as well!

DCWM_EOS 5D Mark II_100_8326

Gran needed no encouragement to get involved with some photos:

DCWM_EOS 5D Mark II_100_8352

But getting the whole family in was a bit of a squeeze – I had limited room and the backdrop was a bit too small!

DCWM_EOS 5D Mark II_100_8369

Especially with Gran and Grandad in the photo as well!

DCWM_EOS 5D Mark II_100_8377

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